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The shower curtain, the essential element for a unique bathroom

Finding the right shower curtain is a great opportunity to add some style to the bathroom. It can also be a functional way to protect your bathroom floor from puddles, especially if you choose to purchase one that is extra long. Shower curtains are an essential part of any bathroom with a shower or tub.

At My Shower Curtain, we offer a wide range of curtains to fit any bathroom style! From simple fabric shower curtains to colorful vinyl curtains, you can choose one that will perfectly match your decor! Find out below how to buy the best shower curtain for your home with unique finishes, whether it’s long or has shower enclosures!

The color of the shower curtains

It is also worth noting that we have a selection of animal prints in addition to our selection of animal patterns. Other popular patterns include floral, striped, chevron, abstract and other original shower curtains.

Another way to sort is by color. If your bathroom has a specific color scheme like beige, and you want to match, you can also sort by color in addition to sorting by pattern for bathroom shower curtains. Of course, all patterns are available in regular length and extra length, as well as width.

Shower Curtain Materials

Polyester fabric shower curtains are low maintenance and do not shrink like other alternative materials. Vinyl is generally durable and a natural water repellent.

100% cotton curtains can also last a long time, but they must be used with a lining to protect them from mildew. You can also find them in regular and long lengths.

Length of the shower curtain

The length of shower curtains can vary from curtain to curtain. So you need to get out the measuring tape to get accurate lengths for the right curtain. To measure your curtain correctly, you need to measure from where the curtain rod that will hold your new curtain is at least a few inches below the top of the tub.

The standard length of a curtain is 180 cm, but you can also find extra-long shower curtains from 210 to 240 cm. Do you have a large shower area? No problem. There are special sizes wider than normal that can reach up to 450 cm.

Shower Accessories

These liners help protect the fabric shower curtain from exposure to water, and if you’re particularly concerned about water running onto your bathroom floor and damaging your furnishings, purchasing an extra long liner can help you avoid that.

At My Shower Curtain, you can sort and narrow down your selection of products with and without liners, as well as those that don’t need liners. If you’re looking for a shower curtain that won’t sway when you shower, look for a weighted hem shower curtain. With a weighted hem, your curtain will usually stay in place while you shower.

The Shower Curtain to reinvent your bathroom decor

Help transform your bathroom by adding a designer, classic, luxurious, fancy or colorful shower curtain from My Shower Curtain. Creating the perfect bathroom to relax and unwind is simple with My Curtain Shower’s range of bathroom accessories that can complement existing layouts. Ready to install shower curtains are both decorative and practical, offering privacy and helping to keep your bathroom floor dry when showering.

Exceptional care and preservation

This is possible with some materials like linen, but for other materials like vinyl, it is not advisable to try to machine wash it. In terms of aesthetics, different materials have different textures and patterns that give them the best look.

For example, you can find a polyester shower curtain that has ruffles that come down, which is perfect for a rustic look. You can also use a solid colored linen to create a warm, industrial feel to your shower curtain.

How to choose a room to match your interior

To add a little character, why not add an animal motif like our owl or butterfly shower curtains? They will delight young and old! We also offer a range of long and extra long shower curtains for those with high ceilings in their bathroom or creating a wet room. If your bathroom is particularly large, we also offer extra wide and thick shower curtains to dress it.

The materials used in each shower curtain range from textiles including polyester to high quality PVC and are easy to hang with My Shower Curtain’s selection of shower curtain hooks and tracks. So, with so much to choose from, visit your local My Shower Curtain store today.

Type of shower curtain hooks

Resin Hooks: If you want to add some style to your curtain, resin hooks are the way to go. They have different shapes and images that adorn your shower curtain hooks to give your hook style a little life.

Shower curtain without hooks: these are fabulous because they have holes that can be attached to a pre-made curtain rod in the curtain. The holes are reinforced with metal or plastic for durability, and they slide over a curtain rod without additional fasteners.

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